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Who We Serve

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Projected for the year ending 2021 Providing free food to our clients:

• Families............ 2,000

• Adults .................1,000

• Children ............1,000

• Household.......3,600

Food processed through its warehouse:

• 103,000 pounds

All volunteers - no paid staff:

• 35 regular volunteers

• 2,600 hours

• 3 pantry days per week

Food cost to the pantry:

$ 16.43 per family visit including healthy foods per child.

Because free food doesn’t all come free, the ongoing net cost to purchase healthy food items for our clients and children is $1,300 per month.

A twelve months budget reserve is maintained to assure the ongoing availability of food for its clients. An annual report available on request.

Pantry food value impact to the community:

At $100 per family visit, the estimated one year food value local governments aren’t spending is $125,000!



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